What if World War II Happened Today?

What would happen if World War II broke out today? What would happen if a group as evil as the Nazis, joined with a group like the refuse-to-surrender Japanese, started taking over the world? What would happen if our President, Bush or Obama, went onto TV and said we needed to start to sacrifice? What would happen if there needed to be a draft? What wouldimage_thumb2 happen if the President said we needed to seriously conserve oil? What would happen if we went to war and the war was required to consume us in the way it consumed American’s in the 1940s?

I ask this because I worked my way through the Ken Burn’s documentary The War. I love World War II history, and this documentary is must see because it does a great job of detailing the size, scope, and depth of the war.  We often lose sight of history. This is proven by people’s willingness to compare modern figures to Hitler and modern groups to the Nazis. Anyone who can compare Bush, Obama, or any political figure in America today to Hitler is obviously ignorant of just how terrible Hitler was. Anyone who can compare a modern day group, even today’s terrorists groups, to the Nazis is obviously ignorant of the death and destruction the Nazis brought.

But the question that KEPT coming to me as I was watching the documentary was ‘what would happen if this was required of today’s generation?’

We have fought two wars since 9/11/01, and yet many American’s have felt little impact because of those wars. Sure we are impacted on a basic emotional level, but I mean REALLY impacted. Instead of being asked to sacrifice American’s have been urged to go about life as normal (which I understand the rationale behind, to a point). Instead of being asked to image_thumb5consume less, as was the case during WWII, we are being asked to spend more because our economy has derailed during these two wars. In many ways the wars we fight now are really only felt by those with direct contact with someone serving. Maybe you donate and/or pray, but at the end of the day little in your daily life has changed due to these wars. I know little has changed with mine, and I lead a pretty normal life.

What would people do if asked to sacrifice? To ration? We live in a world where we cannot even get people to eat potato chips out of a biodegradable bag because the bag was too loud. We live in a world where words like Hitler and Nazis are labeled onto people that we simply don’t like. Bush and Obama have their flaws, but neither is even remotely close to being a Nazi or Hitler. Seriously. These people were at the foundation of a movement that led to the deaths of over 50 million people. Your taxes going up or down, your suitcase being searched a few more times, or a mosque/community center being or not being built are important, but not 50 million people dying important.

I sort of wish Bush or Obama had asked us to sacrifice because then the wars we fight would be owned by the whole country again. During World War II each and every day was impacted by the war, and not just because loved ones were serving. People turned in their bedframes so the metal could be melted down and turned in ammo. If you were lucky enough to buy bacon (bacon was definitely rationed) you were expected to save the fat from the bacon and turn it in so that it could be made into explosives (bacon has many uses!). You were expected to do your part by consuming less, conserving more, and sharing. You couldn’t drive anywhere you wanted to because gas was rationed. Cigarettes were rationed. Imagine if the President  and government dictated rationing with today’s political climate!? People would riot in the streets.

We keep trying to find solutions to our problems, but perhaps we miss what the problem even is at this point. I stand by my previous viewpoint that we are the problem. That we, the people of this country, are incapable of accomplishing and DOING what needs to be done toimage_thumb7 create the world we feel we deserve to live in. We have routines, customs, and lifestyles that we are unwilling to change. And I don’t pretend I am not the same way. If Obama or Bush asked me to give up my coffee, computer, or heaven forbid my iPhone I would panic and scream bloody murder. But maybe if a war having a more prominent and lasting role in our everyday lives we would have a different viewpoint of them. We wouldn’t be able to be apathetic to them. We couldn’t go a day or week without really thinking about them. We would have to show support in ways beyond simply throwing a ribbon sticker on our car, or mentioning supporting our troops in a tweet or Facebook status. And I know people care and support the troops. Everyone supports the troops. There are people who are 100% consumed by these wars and the wars do impact their daily lives. I am simply saying that too many of us aren’t impacted in any meaningful way and that if our current generations were asked to sacrifice in the ways generations were during World War II that we couldn’t handle it. We are too spoiled.

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